The Not So Godly Garden of the Gods

Gods-0363While visiting the Garden of the Gods National Park I pulled over behind two parked SUV’s to take some pictures. As I pulled up the SUV in front of me honked their horn and a man ran and jumped in the back seat. Being in my own little world I laughed to myself and thought ‘Why the hell is anyone in a rush here, they are at The Garden of the Gods.’ I sat in my car for probably a couple minutes; I am not exactly sure how long, fiddling with my camera settings. I then got out and started to walk past the passenger side of the forward SUV, where I saw a smashed window. I ran back to my car, turned the ignition, and proceeded to fly though the park while trying to call the police. I took the exit out of the park and turned right trying, unsuccessfully, to track them down and catch their license plate. The phone call with the police dispatcher was dropped at least eight times while driving like a mad man around the park. After making a full circle I arrived back at the victims’ SUV. There was a young couple were trying to get a call to go through to the police, in an area with poor service. I pull up behind them and hand the girl my phone, saying ‘I have the police on the phone.

Gods-0314I explained to them as well as the police all I saw, which unfortunately wasn’t too helpful. As I proceeded to talk to them I learned that the young couple were two days into a two week vacation and she said her purse was stolen. In her purse she had a thousand dollars in cash. Though I did not say it I thought: ‘Who leaves a thousand dollars in their purse in a secluded area. I assume that it was in line of sight, it didn’t appear the burglar ever opened the door. If I had that cash on me, it would either be on my person or stashed somewhere in the vehicle that is not easily found.’ Of course hind sight is 20/20 and my two cents wouldn’t have saved that thousand.

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