Mammoth Cave, KY and Indianapolis


Since I have left Atlanta on 4/21 I have driven about 700 miles. I stopped by Birmingham, AL to visit family before heading north to Mammoth Cave, KY. I arrived at midnight, four hours later than I planned. While driving around the National Park roads I saw about 200 deer feeding on the side of the road (or in it). The coolest animal I saw was a large Snowy Owl landing five feet in front of my passenger head light. It appeared to catch something and kill it, I assume it was a small mouse or frog but couldn’t tell. The owl then looked up at me, now stopped in the road, and paused for a few seconds before flying off. I felt like it was saying thank you for lighting up my dinner for an easier catch. Unfortunately I did not have the ability to take a photo. After that I just set up my tent and went to sleep, figuring that is the best thing I will see for the day.

MammothCave-0030When I woke up I took the historic tour of Mammoth Cave. It is truly a beautiful and humbling place to visit. We walked 2 miles of the 400 mile, Known, passageways. I haven’t looked at any of them yet I have a feeling only a few will be usable since it was so dark.  The cave offered an old saltpeter, gun powder, mine with log piping to transport water into the cave in the 1800s. The cave is so large it has mammoth sized openings and passage ways, hence how it got its name. It is the longest known cave system and is estimated to have another two hundred miles of undiscovered passages. I wanted to do the Wild Cave Tour, spelunking, but they only offered it on the weekend, and it was Tuesday.

KnobCreek-0503Driving North on I65 I stopped off at Abraham Lincolns Birthplace and boyhood home on Knob Creek. Nothing too exciting about these stops just a history rich place to stop. At the boyhood home I walked to Knob Creek, where I stumbled on a colony of yellow and black butterflies drinking from the creek. Unfortunately, I startled them before I saw them and they all started flying around, couldn’t take a picture of them all together. Watching them fly all around was pretty awesome. Back on the road I drove 20 miles past the St. Louis exit without noticing and decided to keep going to Indianapolis.

Now I am sitting in Indy Hostel waiting for a new friend to get off work and show me the city before hitting the road to hopefully St. Louis today.

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