Nothing at 75 MPH Kansas

Kansas-0384Driving from Odessa, Missouri to Denver Colorado was a long and boring drive. Thankfully the speed limit was 75 MPH the whole way, they knew that anything slower would drive people crazy. It was nothing but flat land and nothing to look at for nine hours of driving and a total twelve hours including stops. All I had to look at was plains, prairies, wind turbines, and oil pumps. Wamego, Kansas is a quiet town that is home to the Oz Museum. I saw the sign on I-70 and I had to stop, or at least stop somewhere. The Oz Museum is home to 10% of one mans Wizard of Oz memorabilia collection. I can imagine the other 90% cluttering every wall, nook, and cranny of someone’s home. After the museum I ate at Toto’s Tacos, a friendly and delicious restaurant located next to the museum. It was the best tacos I had eaten on my trip, and tacos are cheap so I have eaten many. It was a nice break from nothing, all other stops were to just take pictures of a beautiful scene, that was the same as the stop before. I also noticed that clouds on the horizon can look like mountains and get your hopes up. After a day of being driven crazy by the nothing I learned how to embrace it. Unfortunately it took me all day to get to this point and only had an hour left to drive. The joy I felt when I saw the Rockies on the horizon while the sun set is unexplainable. I was overwhelmed to see something different and have a beautiful sunset to go along with it. Then I reached Denver and┬ámy day got worse.


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