Indianapolis Free Frisbee and Fish Antibiotics?

Frisbee-0245After my last post I went and played disc golf in Indianapolis. I went with my new friend Eric, he took me to a beautiful course along the river that he had helped build. I had never played before and was far from good but towards the end of the match I got the hang of it. It was about the same as me playing real golf, hit par for the course on the front 9 and quit counting on the back 9. Half way through the course I stumbled upon an old 60s car that looked like it washed down in a flood before getting stuck. Extremely out of place but I had fun taking pictures of it. Which I have not looked at I have about 4 or 5 thousand pictures to go though and pick out the 100 or so I like. I have just been non-stop moving, either doing something, driving, or sleeping.

Frisbee-0017We then went to a local hole in the wall taco joint, which was an authentic, cheap, Mexican meal. He also told me that fish antibiotics are the same thing as human antibiotics so if I get sick on the road or just without health insurance I can go to a local pet shop and pick some up. He is currently in school to be a Nurse Practitioner, so I trust he knows what he talked about. When I asked for the specifics he told me to look it up online. Which it seems to be true, though everyone says not to use them and go to visit a doctor. I’ve always been bad at taking medication on a regular basis so I have a small stock of unused prescriptions, which I would trust more. I hope for good health.

Frisbee-0348Upon parting ways and wishing each other well in their life. HeĀ gave me a free Frisbee so I can continue playing disc golf across the country. We promised to stay in contact and hopefully when he is out on the road we will cross paths again.

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