Adventurous Motorcycle Roads in the US: essential riding tips


Riding through the famous trails of America on a motorcycle is a dream of any rider out there. There’s something unexplainable about travelling across the US on two wheels. It may be fairly challenging terrain, the amazing sceneries along the way, or the wildlife strolling on the road. Whatever the case may be, you have to consider a lot of factors when planning an adventurous trip. Which bike do you use? What should you bring along? What is the right route? How long will you take? All these are questions you should ask yourself and find answers, as you plan your trip. Here are essential riding tips that will prove very helpful.

  • Have A Comfortable And Waterproof Motorcycle Riding Suit

If you are up for the challenge of the best adventurous motorcycle routes in the US, then you are in for a hard time. You will ride across wet areas and rivers, and experience harsh weather. And if your trip takes too long, you will most likely encounter cold situations. A good riding suit will help, when the weather begins to get less than ideal.

  • Ensure Your Motorcycle Has Luggage Rack

Backpack just won’t cut it. Maybe they would be great taking a ride down the park, but not a whole day ride through the Cherohala Skyway in Tennessee. Have a luggage pack installed on your motorcycle and you will be happy you did. Sometimes you may need to carry a lot of stuff to sustain you throughout your trip.

  • image14 Give Your Ride A Check Up Well In Time

Your judgment at this point is very important. It’s true you know your bike in and out, but you may not know what’s ahead; the challenges you may encounter perhaps at the trail of dragon in Tennessee. Have it checked up for any potential fault well before the trip. Check the tires, lights, oil, and most importantly, break fluids. You will not want to experience problems at a place, where dangerous wild animals stroll just because you ignored to have your bike checked.


  • Set Some Ground Rules On The Stretch You Will Cover Daily

If you are planning to take ride through the 460-mile stretch of the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia and North Carolina, or the over 100-miles of the twisted sisters in Texas, you must be prepared to set some rules on how much distance you can cover in a day. You can decide to cover 80, 90, or even 100 miles per day, which is equal to about 4 hours of ride. Remember that along the way you will make various stops to enjoy the very best of Nature charms, so it may take you longer.

  • Go With Your Riding Abilities

There are those roads that are specifically designed for experienced riders, while there are those that are recommended to armature for first time riders. What are your abilities? How good are you on the road? Ask yourself these questions and choose a road that suits you. If you have never gone on a trip to snow areas, don’t go to Vermont in November; if you are not used to passes with curves and mountains, and don’t assume it will be easy to go through hairpin turns.

Going for an adventurous motorcycle trip requires you to follow some ground rules. When you follow these 5 tips to the letter, you will be sure to have not only an existing journey, but also one that’s safe for you and your fellow riders. Get your ride and experience the greatest adventurous motorcycle roads, from the trail of Dragon in Tennessee, to the Twisted Sisters in Texas, to the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia and North Carolina.


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