Stray is a trail-name I picked up a couple years ago while solo-backpacking and stopping in a random camp to join them for dinner.  Over dinner we got to talking about everyone’s various travels and I told a few stories of being new to a city and living in a hostel. In the hostel I met many awesome people including a three guys all wearing bandanas, I grabbed one of mine and we set out to the bars dubbing ourselves The Pirates. I also met a guy who biked from California to New York (I believe) where his friend flew out and they bought a VW Vanagon, road-tripping back across the southern US. We took our road bikes and raced through the crowded roads downtown bar-hopping.

The story that got me the name Stray was about these two girls who lived in that city. Within a short period of time of meeting one she invited me to crash on her couch instead of paying for the hostel. I had already paid for the week and not as comfortable being a stray at the time so I initially turned down the offer. She also invited me to a family-style taco night at her friends house, which I accepted and it was delicious home-made tacos. After a week at the hostel I went to pay for another week and I found out you can only stay a week at a time and then need to spend two nights somewhere else, oops. At least I knew one person in town I could call.  After telling this story around the campfire the people I joined laughed and said “You’re nothing but a stray.”  The name stuck for the rest of the night and I adopted it as my trail-name for future travels.