Zero Grid: RFID Blocking Travel Money Belt Product Review

Protecting important travel documents and of course your bank cards should always be a concern while you are traveling or at home. With tech criminals being able to walk a few feet from you and copy personal information off your bank cards, RFID blocking wallets are becoming more and more relevant in today’s world. I’ve had my card information stolen before, not sure if it was RFID or simply someone writing down my card number but being cautions doesn’t hurt. Since then I have always kept my bank cards in something that blocks RFID. My last travel wallet fell apart at the seams. Fortunately for me Zero Grid reached out and offered me their RFID Blocking Money Belt in exchange for a review and one to give away for FREE.



The biggest Pro to this wallet is the RFID blocking fabric to keep your bank cards and other radio frequency objects from getting scanned in a world of increasing technological crime.

This travel wallet has two pockets with durable zippers. The main pocket is wide enough to fit documents and has a divider with two smaller pockets: one passport sized and the other the width of a standard credit card, leaving the front of the big pocket perfect for documents, such as flight tickets or the ones Immigration Departments like to demand such as proof of funds and insurance. The smaller front zippered pocket is perfect for carrying cash and your smart phone. It does depend on how thin your phone and case are to remain unnoticeable under your clothes.


The wallet is comfortable to wear either over an undershirt or directly on the skin. It has a soft tight knit elastic belt with a low profile plastic clip and soft moisture wicking fabric on back, because no one wants to wear nylon fabric directly on the skin. The moisture wicking fabric also has a slot on the side allowing you to use it as an additional pocket.

I have worn it throughout my last flight and was able sleep as comfortable as I ever do on an airplane. My flight neighbor didn’t steal anything.

The material of the money belt seem to be durable: Made of rip-stop nylon and the stitching is reinforced. It is also water resistant in order to protect your valuable passport in case you get caught in the rain or a drink gets spilled on you.

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The only Con I have about the money belt is a bit larger than I anticipated. The trade-off for it’s larger size means it allows you to carry more while still keeping a low profile, and being unnoticeable under your shirt. It is also comparable to the size of other money belts I have seen on the market.

I’m also a smaller person, the only time I feel tall is in Asia and I have a 30inch waist. If you are larger than me the size of the money belt will be less of an issue. For me the large size makes little difference as I’ll likely only use it in select situations, mainly while I am in transit. I think it’s ideal for protecting valuable documents while sleeping in trains, planes, and automobiles or in a hostel with no lockers. On the average day I prefer to just carry a bit of cash, an ID, and maybe one bank card.

ZeroGrid Money Belt Giveaway

If it were made of knife proof fabric it would protect vital organs in my abdomen. (My brother-in-law’s joke)

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