Gallery: Rainbow Family Gathering Tasmania

I spent a month living with the Rainbow Family at a gathering near Devonport in Tasmania. We lived communally on a private forest reserve. On average there was 100 of us here and as many as 200. A truely amazing experience with wonderful and interesting people.

Tassie Two Heads

These pademelons were my neighbors for the month.

 A Fern Tree


 Two scorpions dancing in the rain.

 A nice place for a skinny dip.

I spent quite a bit of time here, a nice piece of solitude. Just before sunset everyday this bend would fill with about 50 singing cockatoos.

Jewel Bug

I spent the month following living at my Rainbow sisters home with a few other rainbows. This beautiful home is tucked away in a marsh.

Echidna part porcupine, anteater, and platypus. I love these things, they come from eggs and have pouches.

This is my favorite place in Australia.

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